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The newest energy star rating recognizes products that deliver cutting edge energy efficiency along with the latest in technological innovation.

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Elegant, Vinyl Windows and Doors by Kensington High Performance Products. Maintenance-Free Beauty!
Kensington High Performance Products is the EXCLUSIVE vinyl window fabricator of Heat Mirror™ Suspended Film Technology in the United States. Best-In-Class Window Insulation Performance. Now, windows can insulate like a wall, with the clear view of a window.
  • 2018 Energy Star Most Efficient
  • Top 100 Energy Efficient Innovations of the Millennium
  • 99.5% UV Blockage
  • A Clear View to Energy Savings
“Windows have been traditionally overlooked in the energy efficiency discussion, when in fact, they are low-hanging fruit that can make a real impact today,” stated Dennis Capovilla, Southwall’s president and CEO. “Increasing customer demand to save energy and reduce carbon emissions is driving the need for a new generation of windows that are proven, available, and insulate like walls. That’s what Heat Mirror technology enables - walls that you can see through.”

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Kensington HPP Case Study - The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building became more energy efficient utilizing Heat Mirror® Film Technology. The landmark building was retrofitted with Heat Mirror® insulating glass.

Replacing the 6,514 windows in the Empire State Building with high-performance glass has been estimated to have cut the building’s energy costs by more than $400,000 per year.

Older buildings waste energy and are expensive to maintain. Built before energy efficient practices, most older buildings waste energy through insufficient heating and cooling systems, poor insulation, outdated electric and plumbing systems, inadequate single or double-pane windows, and so on. The solution is not to tear down and put up new construction. Refurbishment with energy efficient systems and sustainable building materials can give new life to older buildings

Quality Window Lines by Kensington High Performance Products

Huntington energy efficient replacement vinyl windows


Sleek, elegant, handcrafted, energy-efficient replacement vinyl windows that enhance the beauty of your home. Available in a wide variety of styles.
Kingston Line of relacement windows


Vinyl replacement windows of impeccable quality, advanced thermal technology with classic architectural features.
Our goal is to get our customers the best windows, the best service, for the best price, and we guarantee it!
We will meet or beat any reasonable offer.
Our products carry a manufacturers lifetime warranty.

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